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Union?  Non-union?  Collective bargaining? 

This web page will be updated regularly with information intended to inform crane industry professionals about IUOE Locals 178, 406, 450 and 627.  

Even though our four Local Unions are all part of the 400,000 member IUOE, and we each have contracts with companies you are familiar with, each Local is its own separate organization. Check out theLocal Unions pagefor more information on each local and to see how the jurisdictions are set up.    

We know some of you are former members, and we would like the opportunity to show you the changes and improvements that have taken place with our locals over the last few years.  You can see what some of our long-time members, as well as new members, are saying about their experience on the Testimonials page.

Check out the June   2014 Hoisting News! 

There is a lot of information out there about joining a union, about collective bargaining, and about what is legal or not legal for employers and unions to do. We encourage you to take a look at as much information as possible. We just ask that you always consider the source of your information.

If you get information about unions from groups like the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute, or from websites like "unionfacts", it will be anti-union.
On the other hand, if you view information from the Economic Policy Institute, the Political Economy Research Institute or from websites like, it will likely be pro-union.

We are confident that the more information you look at, you will agree that your priorities are the same as that of our members and the IUOE. For "just the facts" on your rights to join a union, check out our"Your Rights" page.

Questions?  We've Got answers!

Have more questions? Check out our "Resources" and "FAQ" pages. The Resources page provides links, downloadable documents about wages and benefits, a "cost of living" comparison of Houston and other more unionized areas of the country, and additional information on your guaranteed rights.

The Frequently Asked Questions page has responses to the questions that we hear from non-union workers on a daily basis. We have nothing to hide, if your question is not answered somewhere on this website, or if you need clarification on a topic please call, email, or visit one of our Locals! 


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Local Union Pictures

We are very proud of our local union meeting halls and training facilities.  With our locals' modern equipment and university quality classrooms, we are ideally set up to continue the longstanding IUOE tradition of training and certifying the best operators in the industry...and the best part is, it is all included in our memberships!

Crane Industry News Archive

Northwest Crane Service
Check out some pictures of Northwest Crane Service and Local 627 members at work.  Northwest has several locations around Oklahoma with cranes up to 900t. 


Great Video from Northwest Crane

Initial Ruling – Sany America Guilty of Patent Infringement
The US International Trade Commission (ITC) has made an initial ruling that Sany America misappropriated Manitowoc trade secrets and infringed upon one of their patents.  The commission hopes to make a final ruling on November 19th.  

The case involves John Lanning, a 24 year engineer for Manitowoc who left for Sany in 2010.  Manitowoc alleged last year, and the ITC has initially agreed, that the 550 ton SCC8500 used the same technology as the Variable Position Counterweight system on the Manitowoc 31000 (Sany called it the Auto Counterbalance Equalization).  Manitowoc alleges that Sany acquired this technology through Lansing.    

If they side with Manitowoc in the final ruling, the company is seeking a ban on the import or sale of the Sany SCC8500.

See more information at Equipment World.  

Wind Turbine Installation up in 2014

According to a recent report from the American Wind Energy Association, the first half of 2014 has seen a huge increase in new wind energy installations, when compared to the first half of 2013.  They found that while in the first six months of 2013 only 1.6 MW was installed, about 835 MW went up so far this year.  

There have been 15 wind energy projects completed year to date in the US. Total capacity in the United States is close to 62,000 MW.  Texas has a commanding lead with 12,753 MW, followed by California with 5,829, and Iowa, Illinois, Oregon and Oklahoma with lesser amounts.  It should be noted though, that Oklahoma has also seen a surge in new developments recently.
The AWEA said that 109 additional wind farm projects are currently underway, representing another 14.6 GW.  

Emily Williams, AWEA’s manager of industry data and analysis said, “The economic benefits of all these projects are significant.  They include US manufacturing jobs, with many factories hiring new workers to meet demand, and all the local benefits from capital investment of billions of dollars in rural America.” 

Tom Kiernan, CEO of AWEA, added “We can double American wind power by 2020, and double again by 2030, if congress gets the rules straight extending these critical tax policies as soon as possible, and continues to work on long-term policies that would provide a more predictable business environment.”

See more from North America Wind Power.