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Infrastructure Plan Needs to Happen!  

President Trump spoke of a $1 trillion infrastructure plan during his campaign.  The democrats also proposed $1 trillion in infrastructure spending. Since the election, a list of 50 projects compiled by the White House has been making the rounds.  The proposed list includes major multi-billion projects in Texas, Oklahoma and all over the Midwest.  

Even though labor groups, business associations, and most democrats seem supportive of spending money on much needed infrastructure improvements, the Republican congress has already signaled that it may push back that legislation until 2018.   

Rebuilding the nation's infrastructure is something that most people can agree on.  Building Trades unions support it, business groups support it, the workers who will benefit from years of high paying jobs support it!  

In fact, while Trump's plan to spend $1 trillion on airports, roads, bridges, schools, etc., is great, others have called for a needed $4.5 trillion!  

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, congress will figure out a way to fix our infrastructure!  

Manitowoc Unveils Two New Cranes 

Also at ConExpo this week, Manitowoc revealed a new 115 ton truck crane and a 55 ton rough terrain.  The company said they will showcase a total of 12 cranes at their ConExpo booth that have been developed in the last year.   

​The TMS 9000-2 has a capacity of 115 tons and has a lower weight (800 pounds lighter) and longer boom length (169.3 feet) then it's predecessor.  Additionally, they say it is stronger and has best-in-class load charts for all counterweight configurations.  

The Grove TMS9000-2 is a clear example of The Manitowoc Way in action,” said Harrison Hipple, product manager for truck-mounted cranes at Manitowoc. “We brought our customers in at the earliest stages of designing this crane to ensure we made a product that fits their lifting needs. It was engineered with one goal in mind: to increase utilization rates for customers and increase their return on investment in a truck."

​The 55 ton Grove GRT655L features a small 9.8 foot X 41.9 ft footprint and has 141 foot of boom in five sections. There will also be a GRT655 available with a shorter boom configuration.  

We have loaded the GRT655 with features that companies usually see on cranes in larger capacity classes,” said Paul Cutchall, product manager for Manitowoc.  “This will help lifters to bid for and complete more jobs with a single crane, increasing both their capabilities and return on investment in the crane. With The Manitowoc Way, we speak with customers early in the design process to learn their wants and needs, and in the end, we have come up with a new rough-terrain crane that will exceed their expectations.”

See more on the new Manitowoc Cranes here.  

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We are very proud of our local union meeting halls and training facilities.  With our locals' modern equipment and university quality classrooms, we are ideally set up to continue the longstanding IUOE tradition of training and certifying the best operators in the industry...and the best part is, it is all included in our memberships!

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If you get information about unions from groups like the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute, or from websites like "unionfacts", it will be anti-union.
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We are confident that the more information you look at, you will agree that your priorities are the same as that of our members and the IUOE. For "just the facts" on your rights to join a union, check out our "Your Rights"page.

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We know some of you are former members, and we would like the opportunity to show you the changes and improvements that have taken place with our locals over the last few years.  You can see what some of our long-time members, as well as new members, are saying about their experience on the Testimonials page.

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ConExpo Event and Equipment Purchases

Bigge Crane and Rigging recently celebrated the purchase of another Liebherr LR 1300.  The California based company has 20 locations spread throughout the western, southern and south eastern United States and is the world's biggest LR 1300 customer worldwide. 

Weston Settlemier, CEO of Bigge, said "We trust Liebherr because the developers listened to us, took our requests seriously and the crane designs were modified according to market requirements."


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