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Union?  Non-union?  Collective bargaining? 

This web page will be updated regularly with information intended to inform crane industry professionals about IUOE Locals 178, 234, 406, 450 and 627.  

Even though our five Local Unions are all part of the 400,000 member IUOE, and we each have contracts with companies you are familiar with, each Local is its own separate organization. Check out theLocal Unions pagefor more information on each local and to see how the jurisdictions are set up.    

We know some of you are former members, and we would like the opportunity to show you the changes and improvements that have taken place with our locals over the last few years.  You can see what some of our long-time members, as well as new members, are saying about their experience on the Testimonials page.

Check out the March 2015 Hoisting News! 

There is a lot of information out there about joining a union, about collective bargaining, and about what is legal or not legal for employers and unions to do. We encourage you to take a look at as much information as possible. We just ask that you always consider the source of your information.

If you get information about unions from groups like the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute, or from websites like "unionfacts", it will be anti-union.
On the other hand, if you view information from the Economic Policy Institute, the Political Economy Research Institute or from websites like, it will likely be pro-union.

We are confident that the more information you look at, you will agree that your priorities are the same as that of our members and the IUOE. For "just the facts" on your rights to join a union, check out our "Your Rights"page.

Questions?  We've Got answers!

Have more questions? Check out our "Resources" and "FAQ" pages. The Resources page provides links, downloadable documents about wages and benefits, a "cost of living" comparison of Houston and other more unionized areas of the country, and additional information on your guaranteed rights.

The Frequently Asked Questions page has responses to the questions that we hear from non-union workers on a daily basis. We have nothing to hide, if your question is not answered somewhere on this website, or if you need clarification on a topic please call, email, or visit one of our Locals! 


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We are very proud of our local union meeting halls and training facilities.  With our locals' modern equipment and university quality classrooms, we are ideally set up to continue the longstanding IUOE tradition of training and certifying the best operators in the industry...and the best part is, it is all included in our memberships!

Crane Industry News Archive

Cheniere to Decide on Corpus Christi Project     

Cheniere Energy is expected to make a final decision on their proposed LNG Export terminal in Corpus Christi in the next few weeks. 

VP of Origination for Cheniere International, Ramzi Mroueh, said that Cheniere has agreed on financing for the project and has sealed a $9.5 billion EP&C contract with Bechtel. 

Cheniere is already building the first major LNG export facility in Sabine Pass, LA (Bechtel is also on this job).  They are expected to make a decision on the construction of two additional production trains in Sabine Pass by the end of the year. 

“The U.S. will be a major player in the LNG industry, it will have a profound change in how LNG is traded.  We think there is more to come,” said Mroueh.  

Check out some videos explaining "Right-to-Work"

Lessons Learned About Illegal Employer Retaliation and 401K Plans

​Watch Four Years of Drilling Gains Disappear

As reported in the current Hoisting News, there has been a fairly sharp drop in oil field drilling activity.  To see the slowdown in an interactive graphic,
click over to this story on Bloomberg

As noted in the story, while rig counts are down and companies have started terminating agreements early, the remaining rigs are operating in the most productive regions.  Thus, fewer new rigs is not equaling less production. 

 ​​Bloomberg states that rig declines are likely to continue until the third quarter of this year.  

There are other industry analysts who suggest that the slowdown is not and will not be as widespread as many have predicted…and may not affect the bottom line of the drilling companies as much as expected.  

Tom Morgan, Analyst and Corporate Counsel for Drillinginfo:  “No one in the industry is pretending that a lower oil price doesn't bite. Yet, technological progress over the last decade, especially in terms of horizontal drilling is reaping benefits when times are hard. Over the last three years, efficiency of shale explorers has increased by 25%; so in effect three years ago the profitability of $100 per barrel oil is the same profitability at $75 per barrel.”

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