We would like to extend the welcome even more by inviting you to our new location. Our staff will gladly answer all your questions and provide any information needed to further your Union education. Despite a common misconception, unions are formed by and for the people. The management team that leads our organization is elected by those people; people just like you.

We are ordinary individuals sharing common goals. Come and be a part of an American dream with fair and equal treatment, safe working conditions, prosperity and financial security.

All in one we stand strong.

Founded in 1896, the IUOE today has approximately 400,000 members in 123 local unions throughout the United States and Canada. The IUOE is the 10th largest union in the AFL-CIO and Local #450 has been a chartered member since 1933. The core component of any Labor Organization is the active participation of its members. History teaches the administration elected to maintain its daily affairs is equally vital. The foundation of our management team was hand selected for their vision, passion, compassion and loyalty to the Brotherhood. Our Officers and Trustees are all dedicated Craftsmen who can identify with our member’s personal needs, professional challenges and the ever evolving industry we work in. Total Transparency and complete membership involvement will be a key factor in our success and is highly encouraged and welcomed.

Despite the setbacks created by the previous administration, Local #450 has remained intact and is increasing in momentum and growth. We are presently campaigning to gain more contracts and provide more employment options for our growing membership. The vision of a secure and prosperous future is becoming a realization and can be accredited to the involvement and financial success of our membership. In 2012, our organization purchased 305 acres of land in Dayton, Texas. We have since built a new apprenticeship/training facility, building for administrations, and a recreational

pavilion for member functions. Our state of the art training grounds was developed to educate and produce the highest quality of certified craftsmen for our industrial and commercial clientèle. We foresee our NCCCO certified training facility becoming the premier location for crane operator testing and development in the entire Gulf Coast region.

Local 450 - North/Central Texas

Greetings from the IUOE Local 450! 

We would like to extend a warm southern welcome to our family, friends and visitors of the site. We have made a considerable amount of changes the past four years and feel a reintroduction is appropriate. It is with great pleasure and a profound sense of honor we introduce to you our Local #450.  Before giving you a glimpse of our promising future we would like to turn the page on a dismal past. Though we welcome any relating questions and openly discuss the difficulties our Local has faced, there remains uncertainty circulating about. If you would give just a moment of your time we can provide the answers you seek and help settle any concerns.